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New Features Released in Right-Suite® Universal 2015

ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation

  • Provides users with the minimum best practices for ventilation and acceptable indoor air quality for low rise residential buildings.

Riser Take Off
  • Ability to run a horizontal trunk or branch from  mid- section of duct riser.

Auto-Branch Run 

  • The program connects branch to registers or grills after trunk line is drawn.

Auto-Place Registers
  • Automatic register placement using customized user rules.

Auto-Input Flex Duct Define

  • A fixed length of flex duct to be installed at the end of every branch run to attenuate noise. 

Read and Write to AutoCAD Version 2014 and Lower

Auto-Size Registers
  • The program will auto-size all your registers to maintain your target register face.

 New Register Types
  • Increase accuracy of registers with new register types like high wall, low wall, ceiling one way, ceiling two ways and more to choose from.

Default Building Material Options
  • For partition walls and floors as well as vaulted ceilings.

Smarter Glass Door Shapes

  • More default sliding glass door materials, including half wing and half fixed door type, to save design time.

Optional Side Notations for Vaulted Ceiling Objects

Smart-Checker for Branch-to-Trunk Connections

  • Warning displays when non-congruent sized branch-to-trunk.

Improved Wall Register Display

Register Notation

  • Improve look and feel of drawing by controlling register notations displayed.

Improved Appearance of Riser Fitting in 2 Line

Improved 2 line duct drawing reducing overlap and more realistic view

  • More realistic elbow fitting with radius
  • Unit connection fittings improved
  • Wye fittings automatically reduces radius in tight spaces

* Feature Updates Only Apply To The Modules You Own

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Including: ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation, smarter glass door shapes
 and smart-checker for branch-to-trunk connections

Including: auto-input flex duct, optional side notations
 for vaulted ceiling objects 
auto-branch run

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