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About Wrightsoft Software and Support Subscription


Wrightsoft Software and Support (WSS) is an annual subscription for customers who have purchased their Right-Suite Universal software.
WSS will make you an active customer of Wrightsoft, allowing you to fully upgrade your software to Right-Suite Universal’s most current version and give you updates, periodic enhancements,bug fixes and access to the Wrightsoft Technical Support team.

How WSS is beneficial to you:


Update to RSU 2015 (New Release) Get all new features, enhancements, updates and bug fixes implemented since your last upgrade – Right-Suite Universal has come a long way over the years. Have access to  new features added from Version 2013 – 2015, and if you’re running a version before RSU 2013, there are even more features and enhancements–  See Full List Here
                *applies only to the modules you own.


WSS is the most cost effective way to update Many software programs leave you with what you bought; if you want the new and improved version, you have to flat out buy it all over again. With WSS, we allow you to pay an annual fee at a fraction of the full software cost.This structure will allow your business to maximize its investment in Right-Suite Universal. Our goal is to give you the tools your business needs to run efficiently all while helping your bottom line.


Bi-monthly updates from AHRI equipment database AHRI updates are essential- All equipment listed in this directory is proven to meet the performance claims of manufactures after being subject to rigorous, third-party testing. Don’t be misled by an outdated list – Be confident that the equipment you sell is AHRI certified with accurate performance ratings.

Access to Wrightsoft Technical Support Wrightsoft Technical Support protects your business investment- Things happen, Computers Crash- don’t be on your own if it does. Only active WSS customers have the safety net of our in-house, expert technical support team. 

Simply download your updates WSS allows you to easily download the new version of Right-Suite Universal from the comfort of your own computer. Once activated, there is no wait time to start reaping the multiple benefits of your WSS subscription. Downloading a new version or service pack will NOT change your saved files, libraries, or any settings on your software; it simply adds the new features and updates. If you attempt to download without an active WSS subscription however, you will set your software into demo mode – so don’t do that.



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