Right-Suite® Universal 2017 : New Features

Weather Data
► 2013 ASHRAE weather data
► ACCA addendum E weather data update : Microclimate data for CA, AZ, HI, NV
► F280 2012 weather data
ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation
► Includes both 2010 and 2013 standards 
► Calculates minimum fresh air needed per home
Energy Star HVAC Report Version 8
► Integrated Energy Star Certified Home Version 3 for demonstrating compliance
Toggle Layer Button
► Lock and unlock layers on the draw screen with new button
Return Registers
► Easily move registers to different floors by changing the sheet name
Equipment Selection
► Search equipment with AHRI number
Heat Pump Balance Point
► Show heat pump balance point on the project summary and short room summary reports
Duct Report Added
► Duct: Static Pressure and Friction Rate report
Specify Shaded Areas 
► You can now specify when a wall, window or door surface is shaded per orientation


COMMING SOON to Right-Suite Universal 2017

ACCA Manual J 8 Version 2.5 Updates
Ductless Module
► Design for one condenser and multiple coils
Equipment Selection
► Wildcard search for furnaces and coils
► Change default max SEER to 30
Register Size Library
► Limit register sizes to match what the company sells with custom libraries
Backup Heat
 Show backup heating options for electric strip, furnace or boiler on the load short form or load project summary
Lock Duct System
► Lock ducts to easily attach air handlers
► Ability to hit undo-action while using wall-by-wall tool
Snap to Grid 
► Snap to grid button added
Return Filter
► Added filter types offers more mapping capabilities
Override Property Sheet
► Override fields in the floor or ceiling property sheet
Duct Leakage Test
► Enter duct leakage test results easily
Weather City Selection
Ability to select weather bin data by zip code



To take advantage of new features and updates, you must have an active Wrightsoft Software and Support (WSS) subscription.