Certified ACCA Manual N 5th Ed Load Calculations


ACCA's latest update of the Manual N light commercial method, Wrightsoft's Right-N is a simple, clear, logical, yet very sophisticated program to help you compute your calculations quickly and accurately.

Bottom Line.

You can literally do a certified Manual N calculation in minutes!

More Right-N® Information

  • Using Right-N’s drag and drop feature, you can combine zones into block loads called Units, and Units into Totals. With this powerful, instant tool, you’ll represent single fans with VAV boxes, unitary equipment in zones, or even central equipment with air handlers.
  • As you drag and drop, you can watch the block loads change, providing a very powerful way for you to balance equipment loads!
  • A technically complete program, with advanced features powerful enough to compute loads for 98% of the commercial buildings worldwide.
  • New Features include:
    • True pull down menus
    • Graphic pie charts to illustrate load breakdowns
    • Custom reports
  • Impress commercial building owners with your color pie charts showing where the heating and cooling BTUs (kW) in the loads are going. These reports are created at the click of a button, and make it easy to see details like glazing loads versus infiltration loads. This professional presentation will set you apart from your competition!