ASHRAE RTS/CLTD Load Calculation Software


Right-CommLoad™ uses 24 hour by 12 month ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals methods to compute heating and cooling loads for an unlimited number of zones. Right-CommLoad’s colorful Load Meter will show you the shape of peaks, not only over 24 hours, but also over 12 months. Using Right-CommLoad’s color pie charts, you can show your clients a load breakdown for any zone or group of zones.

Bottom Line.

Right-CommLoad is the easiest way to determine your complete ASHRAE load calculation breakdown for any commercial project.

The Right-CommLoad worksheet is a computerized version of the ASHRAE CLTD and RTS methods.
Use the libraries to select your building materials and rapidly calculate your load!


More Right-CommLoad Information

  • Built-in library of thousands of material types for building surfaces and the ability to create custom material types.
  • Another major labor saver is “Usage Scenario” —for office, retail, warehouse, etc. The built-in library of scenarios presets 24-hour schedules for lighting, motors, thermostats, appliances and occupancy. You can also create custom scenarios to meet your needs.
  • Specify equipment type by using the drag-and-drop System Navigator to assign VAV boxes, air handlers, and central plants as you need. Each space can have its own thermostat, and can be grouped with other spaces by just dragging from one piece of equipment to another in the System Navigator.
  • Right-CommLoad recalculates instantly as you enter figures enabling you to play "What If?" just by changing one value in the easy-to-understand form. Within the Right-Suite® Commercial package, Right-CommLoad works together with Right-Draw® and all other Right-Suite® Universal modules to automate your calculations from floor plan to distribution system to final proposal and sales management.


Right-CommLoad Load Meter commercialloadsbreakdown.png


"Right-CommLoad is so convenient for the students, they can make a decision about a wall section, plug in the information and get an instant answer. It helps the construction management students make management decisions, or architecture students make design decisions."

–Professor Timothy Wentz,
Univ. of Nebraska