Professional Sales Proposals and Powerful Libraries


Right-Proposal gives you the ability to manage and generate proposals as well as take advantage of custom libraries. You can store building information, materials constructions, and even your parts and pricing in the libraries to generate accurate parts takeoff lists from your designs. Right-Proposal requires at least one load calculation module in order to operate (Right-J®, Right-CommLoad™, Right-N® or Right-F280™.)

Bottom Line.

Whether you do new construction or replacement, this module gives you the added functions of customized proposals and documents as well as parts takeoff from your designs and a way to manage your parts and pricing. It's a must have for any Right-Suite.

More Right-Proposal Information

Versatile Libraries to Save You Time

  • Detailed parts takeoff lists from your designs give an accurate estimate with your parts and pricing on the bill of materials.
  • Keep track of pricing, margins, and discounts with the custom proposal libraries.
  • Organize parts and equipment by manufacturer, distributor, or part category.
  • Group parts into assemblies (aka kits) for easier use.

Professional and Customizable Proposals

  • Powerful word processor built into the program for preparing documents with text, pictures, tables, and other features!
  • No more unnecessary typing! Right-Proposal saves time by importing data automatically from other parts of the program such as customer information, selected equipment, price, accessories, and more using variables.
  • Print a professional, customized proposal in seconds, right at the kitchen table, for a one-call close.
  • Create your own custom templates or select from a library of templates for various types of proposals including Service, Replacement, and New Construction.
  • You can even quickly assemble a proposal by inserting objects such as images of logos, equipment, or your team, data on your selected parts and equipment, and project costs.

New for Right-Proposal® in Right-Suite® Universal 2012

Smart Object and Notation

  • Users can create smart objects in the draw catalog with part numbers to be assigned to Bill of Materials, including outdoor unit, thermostat, damper, condensing pad, line set, wire and more.
  • View and change part numbers directly on the Right-Draw® screen

Payback Analysis & Proposal Cost Variables

  • Including total price, tax, rabate, total cost, rebates on cost, rebates on price, total cost after and average margin for each investment option.
  • Ability to copy accessories selected from one investment option and apply to another.


"We’ve found that when you give the customer options, they are less likely to shop around and more willing to sign your proposal."
–Buck Bell, Fulkerson Services

Fulkerson’s finished proposal, automatically generated in the program after the equipment is selected, provides the customer with a good, better, best scenario.