Radiant Design with Automatic, CAD-Quality Loop Layouts and Calculations


Right-Radiant™ is an easy-to-use and complete radiant design program with snow melt capabilities developed in partnership with a consortium of radiant panel manufacturers. Right-Radiant requires Right-Draw and at least one load calculation module in order to operate (Right-J®, Right-CommLoad™, Right-N® or Right-F280™.)

Bottom Line.

Right-Radiant combines industry standard ASHRAE calculation methods and field proven design techniques to provide a comprehensive radiant design and calculation tool

Right-F280 HRAI Load Worksheet
Drag-and-drop radiant panels to your rooms draw in Right-Draw
for instant, accurate radiant loop layouts drawn to your preferences.

More Right-Radiant Information

Interactive in its design, Right-Radiant can adjust its layout through defining preferences and by using the drag-and-drop method in Right-Draw. Automatically design and lay out radiant loops, using industry standard conventions for spacing, manifold connections, and bill of materials. These CAD-quality drawings are tied to automatic calculations of all parameters, providing immediate updates to your drawing based on any changes made within the connected calculations and preferences. Ultimately saving you time and eliminating the need for additional drawing products.

  • Connected calculations offer greater accuracy and time-saving benefits for the designer. In fact, they never have to leave the actual program with all the calculations linked to the drawing, data never has to be extracted to alter.
  • Easy to use module integrates with other Right-Suite® Universal modules.
  • Generate an exact piping layout diagram from manifold to loops, complete with an accurate bill of materials.
  • Snow Melt capabilities.
  • Simply add panels and connect manifolds, all other calculations are based on preset preferences and the load calculation from your floorplan.
  • Calculates flow rates, loop lengths, loop layouts, and head pressures, even where supplemental heat is required.
  • Customizable parameters for each panel and loop.
  • Any modification to the preferences simultaneously updates the drawing itself via the Hotlink Technology™ These instant adjustments allow the contractor to play the "what if?" game, and quickly adapt to changes based on customer preferences.
  • Save common properties within your preference library for future jobs.
  • Estimate costs through "Quick Quote" without drawing a floor plan. The Quick Quote mode was designed for a first pass assessment, a design-free way to estimate a project, complete with a bill of materials.
  • Trusted by leading manufacturers including Uponor (Wirsbo), Roth and Zurn.